One of my highest honors was being asked to speech at a college graduation ceremony in 2016.

Certified Public Accountant

I routinely receive calls and messages regarding training and felt compelled to address it here. Due to the amount of time and consecutive days required for training to be effective, the educational component of my practice has been put on hold.

With that said I still make myself available one day or night each month to speak to a business, classroom, or host a question and answer session regarding any number of topics.

Before my business reached its capacity, the early days of my practice were kicked off by colleges and banks hosting me to present Small Business Seminars centered around QuickBooks.

What got my attention was the seminars quickly turned into impactful discussions about accounting principles and business experiences. While I was able to provide some coaching in these areas, what was most valuable was business owners hearing from other business owners.

I realized over time that I could do more for the academic and business community by giving lectures about my own business experiences and that explaining accounting principles could do more for a business owner (using any software) than teaching them how to actually use a particular accounting software. 

The other side of that was addressing the unique challenges of people from various backgrounds and allowing other audience members to provide input. It isn't uncommon for me to incorporate other business people like other CPAs, attorneys, IT professionals, financial planners, insurance agents, real estate agents, successful sales and marketing pros and many others to enhance the value and variety of each seminar.

If you are interested in hosting a Small Business Seminar or need me for a speaking engagement, please don't hesitate to reach out.